501(C)(3) Non-profit Organization

Children's Smiles mission is to inspire children who have been through a traumatic event. Specifically our mission is to increase the self-confidence in the child that has experienced the traumatic event.

There are many ways that Children's Smiles inspires children towards self confidence. In overview, Children's Smiles finds a child or a group of children that are in need of inspiration and we execute a strategy utilizing love, comfort, and education to provide the necessary tools and resources to achieve our ultimate goal of the child(ren) feeling self-confident, inspired, and ready to accomplish amazing things in life.

Mentorship programs, community events,  tailored outings, and inspirational speeches by inspirational people are only a few examples of the ways we speak life into a child so they have the courage and self-worth to pursue their dreams. We ask for volunteers who paved the way through faith to see their dreams become a reality to share the gift of perseverance with the children we discover. Sometimes a good story where the underdog made it through can turn a child into a champion, sometimes a child just needs to feel beautiful and loved.

What we believe about ourselves can determine how far we’re willing to go, and we want all children to be able to go the distance, with no one left behind.

Children's Smiles does not simply ask for volunteers to come spend time on a weekend, we ask our volunteers to change the future one child at a time.