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Childrens Smiles

ChildrensSmiles helps children that have experienced traumatic events by restoring self confidence through programs formed from four foundational approaches.


Love is deeply essential for confident living. We believe that children are worthy of love and seek to demonstrate this in every interaction.


Comfort is a necessary experience in developing confidence for children after experiencing trauma. The ability to relax and find peace is valuable in stabilizing emotions for the rest of their lives.


Education exposes children to new experiences and understandings that give them more opportunities for living. By encouraging and equipping kids with educational experiences we increase their potential for personal success.

Self Image

Self Image allows for a young person to build confidence as they grow. Increasing a child’s perception of themselves exponentially increases their own perceived value in the world.

Events That Change Lives

Back to school shopping

ChildrensSmiles sponsors a handful of children (based on donation) shopping for school supplies, quality backpacks, trendy clothes and more to give them an advantage in their social environments.

Princess Ball

The Princess Ball is a dance for the inner princess within every little girl. Local police and celebrities work together to make this formal event one of our more popular outreaches.

Stuffed Comfort

This is THE event that sparked ChildrensSmiles . Annually we pass out stuffed animal companions to all our needy children. Filling a child’s life with comfort makes a tremendous difference.


This year is going to be the best year ever for children in our program

We need your help immediately with christmas and stocking programs in full force. Donate through paypal below to truly change a childs life this Christmas and 2018 year of support!


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